Quite frankly, you’re just too busy getting on with your core business to spend countless hours coming up with topics, writing about them in some kind of interesting fashion, working out SpellCheck and wading through the online thesaurus. Sometimes, you just need someone else to do the writing for you.

You know, it’s not a cop out to have others write for you, especially when you give them credit for it [a byline can go a long way for a writer]. It’s also a great opportunity to have experts in their field share information with your audience you wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide. And they are experts. They are experts not only in their niche fields, but in the craft of writing.

There’s a lot to be said for working in your zone of genius. If you’ve not hear of it, I’d strongly advise checking out the book The Genius Zone [formerly The Joy of Genius] by Gay Hendricks. Essentially, the idea is that when you stick with the things you enjoy and are good at (aka – you work in your zone of genius), you are far more productive [and hence, more profitable] than you would be writing on a topic you know little about. And we probably don’t need to dig too deeply into the effect that poor writing has on your end goals.

Finding a writer you resonate with can do wonders for your business and your confidence. A good writer will be able to replicate your ‘voice’ [if that’s what you need] and reproduce the same personality that comes through in the other things you write. A great Writing Coach can also help you find and refine your voice if you’re interested in learning more or developing it further.

Some of the writing jobs you might like a dedicated writer to handle include,

  • website copy [e.g. ; home, about and privacy pages, descriptions of services etc.]
  • print or web articles
  • blog posts
  • fiction and non-fiction manuscripts
  • business documentation and forms [pitch decks, internal policies and procedures]
  • business communications [emails, letters, memos, posts]

There are a number of ways to go about publishing writing you have done for you. In general, if you have someone write content or copy for you it is good practice to negotiate with them how [or if] there will be any attribution. In general, if you are not willing to acknowledge someone else as the writer, you will pay a bit more for the piece.

This leads us in to Ghostwriting.

The common definition of ghostwriting is the act of one person writing in the name of another person, group, company, or institution without receiving a byline or public credit. But more often than not, ghostwriting is a customized form of collaboration, covering a range of relationships and services tied to the authors’ needs, objectives, and work style.

Gotham Ghostwriters

Now, your story can transform lives; It can delight and entertain, it can comfort and console, but only if it’s told! Ghostwriting can be the perfect solution if you find yourself compelled to craft a story or share your experiences but don’t feel comfortable with your writing ability.

A great Ghostwriter will work with you to fully understand your needs and intentions and ensure your content is divinely structured so that it bypasses any defense mechanisms your audience has and reaches straight to the heart of your readers, carrying with it the pure essence of you.

If you’d like to talk about a Writing or Ghostwriting project you’d love to do, get in touch to ask your questions and find out more.