Conscious entrepreneurs usually have a lot going on!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the ideas out of your head and onto the page – at least in any meaningful way you can action at a later date. That’s where a writing Coach comes in. Unlike the Editor or Proofreader, who comes in once the ideas have been fully formed, the Writing Coach’s job is to help you mine your intentions, knowledge, abilities and desires.

A coach can help you with any aspect of your writing journey, including

  • big picture planning,
  • research tasks and skills,
  • writing prompts and development,
  • task and timeline accountability, as well as
  • systematization of your processes and writing.

Writing can be daunting, especially when you’re just starting out. Employing help to get all of the pieces together at the start of a project is invaluable and is closely linked to the ease and outcomes you experience.

Whether it’s a

  • book,
  • blog post,
  • manuscript,
  • article,
  • essay,
  • business document,
  • companion manual, or
  • teaching material,

A coach can help you get from first drafts and scribbled ideas, into concise, resonant resources woven with your core message.

If you’re keen to explore how a Writing Coach can help you tick your writing goals off your bucket list, Contact Me and we’ll discuss what you have in mind.