Published in Eumundi Green Issue 180

Life on a Better Ridge Stereotypical Spring

I have to admit that it’s in my nature to actively steer away from commercial representations of any sort.

While not exactly a Scrooge, at Christmas time I banish reds and greens and instead decorate my tree with brightly coloured cocktail umbrellas. Santa brings the socks and undies while Mum and Dad get to give out the ‘good’ presents.

My family deals daily with food intolerances, so we don’t ‘do’ Easter chocolate and Halloween – well, in this country, I won’t even go there!

However, on The Better Ridge at the moment, life is full of bright blossoms, newly green leaves and chirping baby chicks. It is so stereotypically spring that I am falling unabashedly under its spell!

I can’t walk outside without commenting on the sweet smell of the jasmine in flower, the vibrancy of the giant hibiscus or the intense cuteness of the teeny balls of fluff huddled around their protective mother in our chicken pen.

Although the newest members of our family flock seem to grow before our very eyes, it will be 4-6 months before they are adding to our daily egg tally. Until then though they are a great source of entertainment and amusement for two kids on school holidays and a beautiful reminder of where out spring stereotypes originated.