My words provide value and build trust

My decade of writing, ghosting and editing experience have allowed me to master the art of understanding an author, business or brand. I swiftly tailor enriching content that not only helps build rusted-on fans but genuinely speaks to the audience you want to serve.

In today’s ‘noisy’ marketplace you may be fooled into thinking you need to spread your message via a loud-hailer. But this isn’t true – the right thing at the right time, will cut through any noise.

My writing is that whisper in the ear, the reinforcement of what they’ve come to believe is true.

I steep your message in empowering and educational content that moves your

audience to action.


Services at include:



  • Editorial content + blog posts & guest posting – for websites
  • articles – for web and print
  • eBooks – including basic formatting (full formatting packages [with images, graphs, cover etc.] available on request)
  • Non fiction books for publication
  • Creation of teachable curriculum from your preexisting content or books – for workshops, eCourses and seminars eg: workbooks, companion manuals, PDF printables, slideshows etc.



  • Web content
  • articles
  • eBooks
  • manuscripts for print/publication (fiction + non fiction)



  • Story structuring & planning
  • Writing timetabling
  • Accountability exercises & calls
  • Speech writing
  • Journal structuring & exercises
  • Personal and social communication coaching


Want to be seen as valuable? Provide value – it’s as simple as that.

Let me help you meet your writing needs while providing true benefits to your business and your community.


Ready for value?

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