Healthy Garden Growth

So Much in the Garden Does Well on Its Own

The last couple of months have been a little sporadic in the garden. A terminal illness and death in the family overlapped with birthdays and school holidays have somewhat thrown our basic schedule off track, but I’m pleased to say that regardless of what we as a family have been doing, the garden has reassuringly continued to thrive.

The salad greens I planted in my recycled raised garden beds a couple of months ago have flourished and are nourishing us at almost every meal. The snow peas that were planted at the same time have not only flowered but are rapidly filling out pods, and the marigolds are doing a great job as natural pest deterrents.

Although I’ve not been tilling the soil or harvesting great baskets of produce, I have managed to do some smaller-scale planting and have been raising my next crop of herbs, peas and cottage garden flowers which will all soon be big enough to plant out into the garden.

With such an intense focus on the latter part of the life cycle growing things from seeds has been a welcome reminder that the wheel continues to spin, everything is in a continual state of change and that a small amount of action and attention now will mean there are ongoing food and cheerful colour throughout the winter.