I have worked for many years under the pseudonym Assisi Chant and some of the testimonials here are attributed as such.

As an author it is of utmost importance that the editor of my work would streamline the text whilst
maintaining the original voice and integrity of the work in its entirety. Upon first consultation with Claudette it became clear that she was a professional in her field and passionate about working with her clients to achieve the best outcome.

Claudette is gifted with a profound ability to align herself with the vision of an author and articulate in words what is otherwise thoughts and images upon the mind of her client.

With such professional and passionate editorial input from Claudette I am pleased to say my manuscript was successfully taken under contract with Westbow Press Publishing in the United States.

I have no hesitation in utilising Claudette as editor for any future work that presents itself in my writing career, she works with integrity and honour in all editorial work she puts her hand to and I wish her well in pursuit of what is clearly a gift and call upon her life.

Lauralee Berrill

Author + Change Agent, Beautiful Courageous You

working with assisi was one of the best choices i made as i published my book. i have a very unique style to my writing (including the unusual quality of not using any capitalization when i write) and my “voice” is well known to my audience, so i was a bit nervous about hiring an editor. i absolutely wanted my book to be the best it could be – clear, concise, clever, and of course error free – however, it was extremely important to me that my voice and my style be maintained… not somehow lost or overly “cleaned up” in the editing process. assisi immediately put me at ease – she did not judge nor question my unique style, plus she had taken the time to become familiar with my work and my audience, so i really felt complete trust in her as i handed over my manuscript. she did not disappoint! not only did she edit my book beautifully – with my voice and my style intact – but she even noted areas that i could expand on my work and make an even bigger impact with my words. i truly feel that i got so much more than an editor when i decided to work with assisi, i got a true champion for my book and my message.

Karen Gunton

Author + Business Coach + Mastermind Facilitator, Lighthouse Revolution

Claudette was instrumental in researching and developing an instructional training program that JCB Construction Equipment Australia required to provide a consistent, successful procedure for dealing with dispute resolution in customer service. This program has been a complete success and has now been implemented nationally. Claudette has the ability to deeply understand the needs of her client and produce an outstanding end result.

Mark Howarth

State Service Manager - Queensland, JCB Australia

I engaged CC to help me with the writing and editing of my first book. I had no writing experience and she came highly recommended by a mutual acquaintance.

To say I am happy with the outcome of our work together is a massive understatement, I find it hard to express how grateful I am to have met CC and that she was happy to work with me and share the same vision and passion for my projects. CC has a way of making everything sound great, she took my words and recordings and turned them into next level, relatable story telling.  She has a way of making sense of all the words and ideas floating around in my head.

CC is gifted with the ability to be extraordinary at what she does, she is committed, available and reliable.  We were always in communication throughout the entire time that we worked together and as the project evolved she was more than willing to accommodate changes and changes in direction that were of great benefit to the outcome. I have never worked with someone that has just got me, got my work and my message so wholly.  It was a pleasure and refreshing to work with someone so professional and excellent at what they do but was also very intuitive in guiding the development of the book from concept stage to completed product. I am proud to put my name to the work we produced together and am forever grateful to CC for helping me get the book out of my head and onto paper.

Cristina San Martin

Author + Heart Conversationalist, Lighthearted

Thank you CC, superstar author + editor. I’m so delighted to have worked with you on this project. You’ve intuitively made our words SPARK from the page without losing their meaning. Your support is always so appreciated xx

Monika Mundell

Author + Business Coach + Mastermind Facilitator

I have absolutely loved collaborating with Claudette. She really listened and understood my needs. By asking all the right questions, Claudette was able to turn my collection of ideas into a structure that I could work with and that kept me on track the whole time. Finding this direction early on was essential to the success of my project and I’m grateful for the open communication that made it possible. Her trust in me and enthusiasm for my work gave me the confidence to keep going when things got tough and enabled me to produce a resource that really serves my audience. The most important outcome of my work with Claudette is the heart and soul she gave to my book. She was able to stand in the shoes of my readers, to know exactly what they wanted and how they’d best receive it, and then she presented a perfectly polished version of exactly what I had been trying to say. Bravo CC. I can’t wait to work with you again.

Yenny Stromgren

Author + Podcaster, Noosa Stories + Everyday Light Warriors

Claudette Chant and I met nearly ten years ago at a Conference. Even then I was drawn to her warmth and compassion and, knowing her skills as an Editor, she was my first choice when I needed someone to proof and edit my book.

As well as her practical editing skills, what really drew me to Claudette was her passion to infuse my words with greater meaning and depth, so that they connected even more thoughtfully with my audience. Claudette’s ability to use her intuition to connect with my message and audience, and to mold my manuscript into a polished piece ready for publication, was the best investment I’ve made.

Claudette kept me informed throughout the entire editing process, including when she would be starting on my manuscript and an estimated completion date, and was happy to hear my thoughts when it came to the proofing/editing drafts she sent me. Claudette also managed the formatting process for online book stores, including Amazon Kindle and iBooks, which made this process so much easier for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending CC to authors needing editing work done to strengthen and enhance their overall message. She was so lovely to work with and I was extremely happy with the finished product.

Helen Joy Butler

Author + Intuitive Professional Organiser & Elemental Space Clearer

Thank you Assisi, you did a great job with our words!

Julie Lewin

Founder AreekeerA™ Yoga + International Medical Intuitive + Best-Selling Author

I have employed Claudette on a number of occasions to write on behalf of my clients. Her work is always submitted error-free, is concise and on-brief, and submitted on time. Above all, CC is able to ‘get into my head’ and knows what I need without the need for endless discussion – a valuable gift in this time poor world!

Kristy Rackham

Author + Nurse + Holistic Health Educator, My Holistic Nurse

Fantastic job editing Assisi. You make me sound super smart!

Amanda Robbins

Best-Selling Author + Creative Strategist & CEO, Ask Brainstorm

Thanks Assisi for doing such a great job of editing this work and putting it into great shape for me.

Louise Geary

Sacred Feminine Connection™ Facilitator

Assisi, thank you for pulling it all together. You did a wonderful job and I am grateful for this fun project.

Amara Hamilton

Energy Clearing and Feng Shui Expert + The Art of Feminine Presence™ Facilitator

 I feel so utterly grateful for you doing everything behind the scenes, it is a great gift to the world. Thanks for everything you did to pull this off. mwah mwah mwah xxx

Terri Nicholson

Singer/Songwriter + Activist + Blogger

Thanks Assisi for your patience and commitment!


Clancy Lee Beck

Personal Trainer , Fit Happy Slim

Thank you so much for all your hard work.


Beth Anne Fischberg

The Art of Feminine Presence™ Facilitator + Author

You’ve done a great job on the editing. This has been an amazing and inspirational project.


Pam Lob

The Art of Feminine Presence™ Facilitator + Author