Published in Eumundi Green Issue 177

Life on a Better Ridge: Anticipation

This week brings the greatest anticipation I have felt for many months. The ‘dry spell’ we’ve had has brought with it some long-awaited blue skies and has finally dried the property out somewhat, making mowing not only necessary but achievable.

As the weather warms, there are noticeable signs that spring is on its way. Bare tree branches are blushing with early tinges of green and our little flock of chickens are almost back to full production levels after what seems like a very long and almost egg-less winter (feeding 20 chickens each chilly morning and evening and receiving little more than an expectant peck now and then left me pondering our motivation for keeping these feathered friends!)

Even the house building has turned its focus outside at the moment as we leave the walls and roofing design to install our new environmentally sensitive on-site sewerage system.

With the land now dry enough to dig, the pipes and trenches have been laid out, the tank installed and our sand-filled beds have been made ready. Installing the septic system at this stage of our building process will not only make it super speedy when it comes time to connect up the bathroom but will also take the pressure off the ailing system that is currently in operation on the property.

Did you know that most conventional septic systems operate efficiently for less than ten years! Harsh chemicals, tree root invasions and leaky toilets and taps can all have a detrimental impact on the operation of your system and if it is already compromised then large amounts of rain can reduce the soil’s capacity to disperse treated liquids – leaving you with sour soil and foul smells.

Given the rainfall we have already experienced, I suggest that if you start smelling something a little funky, have a look at your treatment system and if there’s a problem, seek help straight away.

The motivation for our new ‘poo pit’ (as the kids have dubbed it) has inadvertently spilled over (pun intended) to pruning the nearby orchard and anything else that lay in the intended path of the pipework. During one walkthrough of the proposed poo pipe path, I was delighted to notice that we had new mulberries forming on our trees already. I am excited that we might have an early crop this year and after seeing the delicious strawberry pudding recipes in the last issue of Eumundi Green, I am anticipating some sweet mulberry pie come summer.

Each new phase of building and change of seasons here on The Ridge brings with it a new sense of anticipation and excitement and reminds me daily why we chose this path. There is a sense of anticipation, whether it be for some fresh eggs, a picnic on the grass or a new dwelling. Each of these things allows us to break out of our habitual patterns and reinvigorate the joy that is inherent in life. I never cease to awaken my gratitude and bring about an awareness of the bigger picture that envelopes us every day. For that, I am truly thankful.