About CC

Welcome friend –

thanks for meeting me here

I’m CC. I work with conscious entrepreneurs to organize, craft and refine messages, stories, and teachable content. You’re in the right place if you’re preparing to write, publish or teach your work [digitally or traditionally] and you could use some help.


Some of you may know me as Claudette (my birth name), Assisi (my pseudonym), CC (my monogram) or The Word Whisperer (my moniker). I exist in all these roles and more. I’m also a mother, wife, sister, friend, editor, writer, coach and entrepreneur.

I believe that words have power and if used intelligently, their power can be used to awaken, heal, educate and empower.



Previously a school Teacher and vocational Learning Support Officer, I’ve spent the past decade as a freelance Editor, writer and coach, committing my career to the Education + Empowerment of all who are ready to take action in this field.

I have expert knowledge and personal experience in:


  • As a columnist for online and print magazines: for community and small business
  • Blog posts, articles and web content
  • Print and eBooks
  • Government and homeschool curriculum
  • Business operating systems
  • Business communications
  • Policy and procedure documents


  • Blog posts
  • Articles for digital and print publications
  • Web copy and content
  • Manuscripts for publication (non-fiction)

Editing, Sub-editing & Proofreading

  • Blog posts
  • Web copy and content
  • Manuscripts for publication
  • Print and eBooks (non-fiction and fiction)
  • Online and print magazines and articles
  • Curriculum documentation
  • Business Communications
  • Business Operating Systems
  • Policies and procedures


Essentially, I love words. I love them because they are our means of understanding and being understood. Whenever I get to help others with words, it makes me happy.

My alias, The Word Whisperer, is a name bestowed on me by one of my clients because of this very reason. She noticed how I took her writing and seemed to have a conversation with it. She watched me get to know it and work out precisely what it was trying to say. And then she reveled in hearing her ideas come to life in new words, words that resonated deeply with her. The feeling I get when I work like this is why I do it.

To the outside world, I’m definitely a word-nerd working in my element.

To those who are awakening, you’ll see that I work with Source to help raise the vibration of the planet. I work with people I resonate with, those who feel driven to share their message, usually through their own personal and experiential stories.

I work on projects that I feel have the capacity to raise the vibration of all whose lives they touch and all who are consequentially touched by them.

Raise the vibration of the planet! Pffft, you’re a word nerd; how do you think you do that?

Here’s the ‘Deep Woo-Woo’ answer:

Coming into flow with all that a work represents, I connect myself with the vibration of the end product each client envisages.

At each stage of the process, I maintain that vibration so that their work is as true to the client’s integrity as if they carried out the work themselves.

I also embed their work with a benevolent frequency so that all whom it touches receive exponentially more than the words themselves could achieve.

Riiiiight crazy lady, what’s that really mean?

OK, here’s the ‘Let’s Just Keep This Simple’ answer:

When I think about your topic, I imagine what it will sound like when it’s finished. I write that stuff down. As I go, I tune in to what the audience is thinking and feeling and make sure I factor that in.



Forever learning, I also enjoy delving into the fields of Personal Development + Responsibility, Science + Spirituality (including Unified Physics), Neuroscience, Energy Medicine, Past Lives & Consciousness.

If this description of my work hasn’t scared you off, I’d love you to Contact Me so we can chat about your project and how we might best work together for education and empowerment.