My words provide value and build trust

I work with conscious entrepreneurs

just like you

to craft and share

messages, stories, and teachable content

that authentically displays your expertise

and genuinely meets the needs

of your audience.


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 I’m Claudette Chant, freelance writer & editor.

I’ve committed my career to Education & Empowerment and as a result, I have decades of expert knowledge and personal experience in:



As a columnist for online and print magazines: for community and small business
Blog posts, articles and web content
Print and eBooks
Government and homeschool curriculum


Blog posts, web content and manuscripts for publication (non-fiction)


Editing, Sub-editing & Proofreading

Blog posts, web content and manuscripts for publication
Print and eBooks (non-fiction and fiction)
Online and print magazines
Curriculum documentation

All of which help you meet the growing demand for enriching and authentic content that will get noticed by reader’s and search engines alike.



Previously a Teacher and Learning Support Officer, I have spent the past decade as a freelancer, expanding on my skills and experience to ensure that your content is a direct reflection of your message and your readers find value in everything you publish.

Forever learning, I also enjoy delving into the fields of Personal Development + Responsibility, Science + Spirituality (including Unified Physics), Neuroscience, Energy Medicine, Past Lives & Consciousness.



I have absolutely loved collaborating with Claudette. She really listened and understood my needs. By asking all the right questions, Claudette was able to turn my collection of ideas into a structure that I could work with and that kept me on track the whole time. Finding this direction early on was essential to the success of my project and I’m grateful for the open communication that made it possible. Her trust in me and enthusiasm for my work gave me the confidence to keep going when things got tough and enabled me to produce a resource that really serves my audience. The most important outcome of my work with Claudette is the heart and soul she gave to my book. She was able to stand in the shoes of my readers, to know exactly what they wanted and how they’d best receive it, and then she presented a perfectly polished version of exactly what I had been trying to say. Bravo CC. I can’t wait to work with you again.

Yenny Stromgren

Podcaster + Author + Photographer, Noosa Stories + Everyday Light Warriors