Harvested Vegetables

Raw Materials Ready to Be Made into Christmas Treats

Christmas on The Ridge will be celebrated the way nature does it. We’ll make a showy display of all the things that make us who we are. We’ll decorate to attract beneficial passers by and we’ll delight in nourishing them with our sweet nectar.

All year we have been preparing the gifts we will give over the festive season. Just as you have written your Christmas wish lists, we’ve spent many hours planning and choosing what to give. Just as you’ve bought presents throughout the year and stowed them away to be wrapped at a later date, we’ve stored ours safely within the soils.

Each gift we give will be a celebration of our year; carefully planted, nourished, grown and lovingly shared. These gifts are infused with the same energy that went into their creation. Within each twist of vine in a basket or juicy burst of flavour in a jar of relish is the relief that came with the rain that finally fell after a long hot week, the gratitude for the warmth of the sun on a cold winter’s morning and the positive intentions for strong healthy growth that accompanied the moisture in every hand-drawn bucket of recycled water.

As the year draws to a close and we slip into a somewhat slower pace, the gifts we create serve to remind us of each of the major events of 2014.  Each different ingredient of the final product helps to affirm the choices we make and provides us with the opportunity to share ourselves in a meaningful way with the ones we love.

Of all the traditions we participate in, this natural, homegrown one is by far my favourite. From our Ridge to yours, I wish you a Christmas filled with the peace and reverence that nature encourages us to share.