to be heard?


Don’t know where to start?


Let’s work together. We’ll unpack what you know and find the best way to tell your audience about it.

Whether you know you want to be a best selling author, are thinking about writing a book for your business, or just love putting pen to paper, you’re in the right place.


Do you

  • have pieces of paper and digital documents laced with great quotes, anecdotes & stories – and would love to share them?

  • think in blog posts?

  • craft memes while you wash the dishes?

  • have journals steadily filling your bookshelves?

  • constantly think of new ideas – and want to write about them?

  • can’t choose the best information to publish?

You are not alone. Countless authors remain nothing more than aspiring writers, never gaining the courage to branch out and follow their dream of ‘one day’ writing their book.

When will your ‘one day’ be?

Your story could transform lives. It could delight or entertain; it could comfort and console.

But only if it’s told.

Become the author of the story you want to read. Let’s work together to bring it to life and put the magic in the hands of those who can benefit most from it.



Claudette Chant and I met nearly ten years ago at a Conference. Even then I was drawn to her warmth and compassion and, knowing her skills as an Editor, she was my first choice when I needed someone to proof and edit my book.

As well as her practical editing skills, what really drew me to Claudette was her passion to infuse my words with greater meaning and depth, so that they connected even more thoughtfully with my audience. Claudette’s ability to use her intuition to connect with my message and audience, and to mold my manuscript into a polished piece ready for publication, was the best investment I’ve made.

Claudette kept me informed throughout the entire editing process, including when she would be starting on my manuscript and an estimated completion date, and was happy to hear my thoughts when it came to the proofing/editing drafts she sent me. Claudette also managed the formatting process for online book stores, including Amazon Kindle and iBooks, which made this process so much easier for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending CC to authors needing editing work done to strengthen and enhance their overall message. She was so lovely to work with and I was extremely happy with the finished product.


Helen Joy Butler

Speaker + Facilitator + Mentor + Sanctuary Creator